Financial Education

Many people want to know how to manage money and make it work for them, but they don’t know where to turn for guidance and accurate information. Schools don’t require finance classes.

Families often don’t teach finance principles at home. Without a fundamental grasp of finance, you’ll miss valuable opportunities to protect your family and your money. We offer a strong foundation of financial education that is designed to naturally lead to sound personal financial decisions. When clients align their financial lives with sound financial principles, they often open a path towards gaining financial independence. 

We emphasize four main areas of education:

1. Proper Protection

The first layer of our foundation is protection. We help you explore essential questions to determine if you are prepared should the unexpected occur. Do you have adequate disability insurance to provide for your family? Do you have life insurance provisions in place? We help you to make arrangements, if necessary, to establish an appropriate protection concept for you and your family.

2. Debt Management

The second layer of preparation is debt elimination. We teach proven strategies to tackle debt, sharing a practical, common-sense approach to reducing debt burdens.

3. Emergency Fund

The third layer in our foundation is an emergency savings fund. Do you have savings in place in case you have an interruption in income or an unexpected expense? We teach strategies to help you save enough for a 3-month emergency fund, building up to a 6-month emergency fund.

4. Annuity Strategies

The fourth layer of our Financial Foundation is taking advantage of strategized fixed annuities. We want you to learn how to help your money work for you. We teach appropriate strategies for each stage of life, helping you internalize ways to apply fixed annuities accounts designed to enhance your financial well-being.

You Can Build A Proper Financial Foundation

Make Money, Save Money, Grow Money and Protect Your Money

Your Challenges

Your Challenges

To protect your family(Life, Health & Disability).
To reduce your liabilities and get out of debt sooner
Dealing with constant changes in your job, career business.
Living a long life without adequate income. 

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Emergency Fund
Debt Management

Like building a house, You must build it from the ground up.

A Financial Professional Can Help.

Financial professionals are here to help. We can help you understand the myriad of opportunities available while breaking down complex concepts into easily understood pieces. With this improved understanding, clients can gain confidence in their financial future, seeing a path forward for reaching long-anticipated goals. Working side-by-side with a financial professional, clients gain financial knowledge and clear strategies for effectively managing money. Meeting with a WFGIA financial professional can help you get on your way to make meaningful financial changes.

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