What Makes Us Unique

At World Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping families and individuals transform their financial lives, whether they’re wealthy families seeking information for managing their income and assets, or they’re everyday people trying to move into a better financial position. We can help clients make decisions that help them gain control over their financial lives, empowering them to pursue their interests and goals.


We are a unique financial services company. Rather than offering products and services from a single provider, we offer services from a wide range of companies. With so many products available to us, we have the flexibility to offer guidance to clients that are designed to support specific client needs. We are not limited by the narrow constraints of a single provider.

WFG agents are committed to:

  • Helping individuals and families who may be overlooked by financial services companies.
  • Working with clients to create specific strategies to protect them and their families.
  • Education—We teach fundamental financial concepts to help clients make sound financial decisions.
  • Helping clients implement customized service products for pursuing their goals.

Entrepreneur Business Model:

As a WFG entrepreneur, you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our business platform provides the tools and resources needed to build a financial services business, providing you opportunities to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your people and community. Combining your genuine determination, desire to learn and love for helping others, you can start your own career with us. We have structured our business to help ambitious entrepreneurs succeed while avoiding many of the obstacles that financial service businesses often face. Create an objective business while helping others build the financial life they plan on living.

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Empowering clients to pursue their interests and goals.

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